JOi Telecom

The new European triple play serviceprovider.

We designed the website for Joi telecom. The new provider from ACN, the worlds largest "multilevel marketing" organisation.

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The Challenge

JOi Telecom is a European provider. Because Joi is being rolled out in 16 countries, we had to take this into account within the design. Texts can be twice as long in Finnish and German. And the Polish script brings a lot of strange characters along with it. Apart from the languages ​​in each country, the same product is offered slightly different. This means that the funnel must be able to be adjusted. On each situation this makes the design of the funnel a fairly complex matter. Add the fact that each country has its own order and shipping specifications, all colors and shape elements in euro telecom country by now been claimed and that users from desktop to mobile nee to have the same user experience. Then you know that you are facing a huge challenge.







Touch life. Be free. Get JOi.

The payoff from Joi. And not without reason. Joi, you don't have to worry about hidden fees or other nasty surprises. Joi is open and transparent about costs. You can also cancel your monthly subscription or adjust when you want.

The first impression
On the landingspage we used a lot of visuals where the visitor can relate with. The clear call-to-action seduces visitors to click through.

What makes JOi special
The USP's of JOi are immediately clearly present. Fast and reliable service. A subscription that suits you. That is how JOI distinguishes itself from other telecom players.

Who or what is JOi?
In the large pictures we visualize the perfect JOi feeling. Besides, this “get JOi” section offers space for promotions and discounts. The photography exudes fun and freedom.

The offer
The packages are represented by icons that hover around it. In the sales funnel, you can add all kinds of add-ons. The price tag and the primary button pop very well by the bright orange.

Support & contact
In the footer are handy shortcuts for a returning customer with a question or comment. He allows the client to report a phone if stolen or quickly ask a question to someone from the service desk.

In JOi moments we catch Beautiful moments that you can experience with JOi

A completely responsive website

The representative can use the website on his tablet or laptop and can close a subscription together with a client. When a user wants more information on his consumption or change something in his plan, he can easily use his mobile phone. It's that easy.

From fun to function

The further the user enters the closing process, the more functional the pages become. This way the focus lies more on the subscription.

A recognizable icon style

Because of the sublime lines the icons have a very open and light character. We have made each shape a bit round en bubbly, so it fit’s the JOi logo. The round effect makes it cheerful and gives the icons its own recognizable style.

Your order at a glance

When you subscribe, you'll want to know exactly what products you have chosen, how much that will cost you monthly and whether there are extra costs coming on top. That's why we have ensured that each device always has that 'receipt' at hand. You can unfold the receipt by product for a detailed cost indication.

Composing your subscription

In the sales funnel you close your subscription, and that is ultimately the purpose of the site. The funnel is without doubt one of the most important parts of the site. For proper conversion, the funnel must not only be bright and clear, but also flexible because subscriptions can be constructed differently. A vertical structure ensures that flexibility. Thus, the number of items can always be longer or shorter. This prevents not fitting horizontally or an empty space.

Closing your subscription

When subscribing you always fill in a lot of information. To keep this as simple as possible, as a user you walk through four simple steps. These four steps work as a harmonica that pops in and out. So you can see how far in the process you are and how many steps there are still coming. You can also easily go back to a previous step to correct your answer.


In the "My JOi' environment, the customer can understand its use and behavior. He can adjust his subscription to its needs. So that’s nice for the customer.

In a scrum setting we rapidly designed a working front-end

From front- to backend

Because we designed the JOi website ourselves, we got a good picture of the backend of ACN. It therefore seemed logical to develop the two tools which ACN manages their customers and subscriptions with as well: the Customer Care Module and the Product Management Module.

The three main principles while designing the tools:

1. Comfort

A tool should be easy for an employee to understand. Above all, what we did not want, is a long course to understand how things work.

2. Efficiency

The customer service is often a high cost for a telecom company. So the more efficient a ‘Customer Care’ question can be dealt with how the more time is left for other questions.

3. Focus

Employees know their way around the system, they don’t need to be seduced and must be able to optimally focus on the details.

A simple but smart layout

Thanks to this layout, everything is within reach at the place where you would expect. For example you can open multiple tabs to switch quickly, the primary buttons are in a sticky header at the top right and relevant actions are at the right of the content.

The queue

A summary of open issues that need to be processed. You can filter by status, reason, country or type of order. Will you apply the same action on multiple rows, then select multiple rows at a time to process them after each other.

A customer detail page

An overview of a client. All information about which subscriptions he has, payments, orders and correspondence.

A subscription page

The subscription detailpage gives a lot of information. So you can get insight into the use and payment of the customer. You can also set preferences for your customer. Labels provide a status. For example, a red label means that the item should be picked up by an employee.

Adjusting subscriptions

The customer can easily customize a subscription. The employee can see the results in the right column, where for example the current and the new monthly amount are presented in a row. The difference in cost is shown very clear this way.

The result

Joi Telecom is the new European telecom player with a distinctive visual identity and a awesome responsive website. A website that's adaptable and employable across Europe. An achievement we are extremely proud of.

Together with

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